chromati accordion Impulse
Nathan Carter

On the right : 30 keys, 3 voices, 5 couplers.
The couplers allow 5 different sounds.

3 voices instrument with 5 couplers, located behind the fingerboard, allowing 5 possible sounds :

  • 1 voice : concertina (single medium reed)
  • 2 voices : double medium reeds.(dry, swing or musette, according to voicing)
  • 3 voices : double medium + single low octave reed.
  • 2 voices : Bandoneon. (single medium + single low octave reed)
  • 1 voice : single low reed

On the left : 96 bass, 2 automatic couplers.


Dimensions (L x w x h) : 36,5x17x37 cm
Weight : 7,6 kg
Reed type : Tipo a mano



Saltarelle ®'s beauty and sound combined in a compact piano accordion  


This new piano accordion was created with and for Nathan Carter
It's a very compact 96 basses accordion that allows a dynamic and frantic play on stage. Its innovative look was also created according to Nathan's request.
The dark mother of pearl effect keys along with this new dark mat painting enhance the mysterious and intense look of this accordion.
This kind of mat painting is available on all of our accordions and in every color.


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