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Made from pure wenge wood with its distinctive look, the Pannonica is a revolutionary innovative chromatic button accordion. It is the first ever 3 voice chromatic accordion with a double tone chamber .

The right hand features 7 registers enabling it to play with 7 very remarkable sounds, you can discover by clicking on the videos down this page.

The 3 voices are composed of 2 medium voices (flutes) and one lower voice (bassoon). The lower voice and one medium voices are located in the tone chamber. The second medium voice being out as on a traditional accordion.On the left hand :
96 basses
4 voices
5 couplers.

We chose to tune this particular model with a slight swing on the reed that is out of the tone chamber but it can of course be tuned completely right on a request and for no extra cost.

On order, one of the medium voices can also be replaced with a high octave reed and free of charge as well.


Dimensions (L x W x H) : 36x18x45 cm
Weight : 9.8 kg

Pannonica (chromatic accordion)
General Introduction
3 reeds, 2 inside the tone chamber (one medium one low) . One medium reed outside the tone chamber
One reed only, outside the tone chamber with a light swing
2 reeds, one inside the tone chamber (the low octave reed) and one reed oputside the tone chamber (medium voice with a slight swing)
2 reeds, both inside the tone chamber, both tuned dry. One medium and one low octave reed
One reed only (medium), inside the tone chamber, dry tuned
One reed only(bassoon), inside the tone chamber
2 reeds, both medium, one inside and one outside the tone chamber

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