Diatonic accordions with flat keyboard - nuage
 Diatonic accordions with flat keyboard - nuage

23 treble buttons, 3 voices with 3 stops :

  • 1 voice : concertina (single medium reed)
  • 2 voices : double medium reeds.(dry, swing or musette, according to voicing )
  • 3 voices : double medium + single low octave reed
  • 2 voices : Bandoneon. (single medium + single low octave reed)
  • 1 voice : single low reed

8 basses with 2 stops.

  • 1 stop to remove the third from the chords.
  • 1 stop to remove the low reed from the basses.


(played by Mairtin O'Connor) 


Designed with and for Mairtin O'Connor the Nuage is the way to go for demanding players. The three voices and 5 registers allow a great variety of sounds. Easy to handle and responsive the Nuage is the choice of numerous professional players such as Kieran Kiely, Chris Parkinson, Max Thomas...

Nuage B/C dry tuned 2 voices
Nuage B/C dry tuned 3 voices