Mairearad Green talks to Vince Roux

Mairearad Green with her accordion

Today one of the most revered multi-instrumentalist and member of the "Mairearad and Anna duo" Mairearad Green,  talks to Vince Roux, owner of Saltarelle accordions.


1- First of all how are you and where in the world are you while answering this interview ?

I am very well thanks! I am sitting in the house I grew up in in the village of Achnahaird in the North West of Scotland. 
2- How and when did you first discover the accordion? 

When I was about 10 years old I went to Feis Rois (a week of music tuition in the Highlands of Scotland) and first tried playing an accordion there. I was playing the pipes at that point already so discovering an instrument with more than 9 notes was very exciting! 
3- What does music in general and the accordion in particular mean to you?

Music is such a huge part of my life. I love performing and composing music and playing the accordion is so much fun! Music generally tends to put a big smile on my face :) 
4- When did you realize you wanted to become a professional musician?

I didn't ever realize that I wanted to become a professional musician it just happened! I had been playing gigs from a very young age and playing music subsidised my time at University. When I graduated it didn't make sense to go and look for another job when I had one already.  
5- How does it feel being on stage ?

It really feels like the biggest privilege to perform music on stage. I feel very lucky and I love seeing people smile at gigs. 
6- Can you tell us a bit about your Saltarelle ?

The Saltarelle I am playing at the moment is my favorite accordion :) The reeds have such a great tone from years of playing in and there are a few creeks and dents which adds to it's aged charm. It is the perfect size for me also. 
7- Any artistic projects? / Or tell us a a bit about your latest release, or both :)

My latest solo album "Summer isles" was out last February and was inspired by the islands in the North West of Scotland where I am from. At the moment I am recording a new album with fiddler and composer, Mike Vass and the material for that will be purely Traditional Scottish tunes.
8- Can you tell us a bit how you an Anna met?
I first met Anna when I was 11 years old. Our Dad's knew each other through work and she came for a tune in our kitchen. We have now been playing in a band together for 15 years! 
9- A word maybe on the other bands you're part of ? The Poozies or else...
The other bands I am working with at the moment are a band called Tryst which is a project with 10 pipers from Scotland and I also perform with singer/songwriter, King Creosote. 
10 - What's the question you wanted us to ask you that we didn't ask?
hmm, you've covered quite a lot.....maybe a question like, what's your favorite thing to play on the accordion? and, I love playing waltzes! 
11 - Wanna do a first time interview?
First accordion ever ?

A 48 bass Guerrini. I still have it and it is a great wee accordion! 

First song or album that left a mark in your soul ?

Leaving Stoer by Ivan Drever. 
First album ever released?

Glad Company by the Anna Massie Band. 
First time you fell in love a guy just because he was a great musician?

At the Feis Rois tuition weeks when I was a teenager I had a crush on quite a few of the tutors! 
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