Elfique accordion

19+2 accidental treble buttons. 3 voices with one stop allowing 2 different sounds : either   or

8 basses with one stop to remove the thirds.


Dimensions (L x w x h) : 25x15x29,8 cm
Weight : 3,75 kg
Reed type : super dural


Listen to a different sound for our melodeon button accordion Elfique model. A British customer asked us for a accordion with 3 low reeds. A unique and superb sounds.
On the first video the accordion is playing with 2 low reeds :


It plays with 3 low reeds on the second video :

L'elfique Ré Sol 2 voix
L'elfique Ré Sol 3 voix
Listen to the Elfique in D/G
Listen to the Elfique in D/G

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