Diatonic accordions with flat keyboard - nuage
 Diatonic accordions with flat keyboard - nuage

23 treble buttons, 3 voices with 3 stops :

  • 1 voice : concertina (single medium reed)
  • 2 voices : double medium reeds.(dry, swing or musette, according to voicing )
  • 3 voices : double medium + single low octave reed
  • 2 voices : Bandoneon. (single medium + single low octave reed)
  • 1 voice : single low reed

8 basses with 2 stops.

  • 1 stop to remove the third from the chords.
  • 1 stop to remove the low reed from the basses.


Dimensions (L x w x h) : 27,7x16,8x30 cm
Weight : 4,2 kg
Reed type : hand made reeds


(played by Mairtin O'Connor) 


Designed with and for Mairtin O'Connor the Nuage is the way to go for demanding players. The three voices and 5 registers allow a great variety of sounds. Easy to handle and responsive the Nuage is the choice of numerous professional players such as Kieran Kiely, Chris Parkinson, Max Thomas...

Nuage B/C dry tuned 2 voices
Nuage B/C dry tuned 3 voices