Accordéon diatonique canopée 18 basses en érable
Accordéon diatonique canopée 18 basses
Canopée 18B en érable fermé
Canopée 18B fermé
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34 treble buttons.
2 voices

  or , with 1 stop allowing 2 different sounds :
18 basses :

  • Chords without thirds
  • 1 stop to remove the low reed from the bass.

    Our new 3 rows 34 keys 2 voices diatonic accordion. It takes over from the Duna. Softer bellows, a rounded grille, it is available in cherry or maple wood.


Dimensions (L x w x h) : 28,7x17,2x31,7 cm
Weight : 4,8 kg
Quality of reeds : TAM


Available with 12 basses.

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