chromatic accordion Artefact
Artefact accordion
Artefact detail
Artefact detail

On the right : 4 or 5 rows, 3 voices3 voix or 3 voix,

5 automatic couplers, located behind the fingerboard. 56 buttons. 43 notes, range from E to Bflat.

On the left : 96 basses with 5 automatic couplers.


Dimensions (L x w x h) : 36x20,5x38 cm
Weight : 8,5 kg
Reed type : hand made reeds

The heritage of French design is gathered in this new chromatic accordion. The elegance of the dark mat painting enhanced by the silver lines makes it both vintage and "avant-garde" at the same time. The model shown on the picture features a red painting, silver decoration and black buttons. However the color of the painting as well as the color of the decoration and buttons are up to the customer's choice at no extra cost.